A Day in Denver

A Day in Denver


I have a friend who (before this weekend) had never been on a plane, so when I found affordable plane tickets to Denver, we began planning a weekend getaway.


I joyfully, meticulously planned the trip.  I made spreadsheets, checked the weather, found a hotel, reserved a rental car, planned our “touristy” activities, updated my spreadsheets, and checked the weather again.  Everything was going to be perfect!

And it was perfect.  We encountered no traffic, and my friend enjoyed the plane ride.  After we attained the ideal rental car, we checked into a beautiful hotel with a huge room.  Awaking happy, we indulged in a massive breakfast and stepped out the door to…a cold, wet, gross day.


Deciding to make the most of a yucky situation, we drove to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, praying that the skies would clear before we started a 6-mile hike.


God is good, y’all.  The sun shone and warmed our heads as we walked the first mile.  We praised God and marveled at his handiwork.

Arriving at the “Trading Post,” we browsed the museum and warmed our hands.  While we questioned John Denver’s outfit choices, the skies returned to their gray hues.  Within minutes, rain became sleet and snow, much to our surprise.  The following two photos were taken less than an hour apart.

We quickly regrouped, and we hiked back to the car, choosing to drive to the amphitheater rather than hike another 5 miles through the sleet.  By the time we climbed the hundreds of stairs to the top of the amphitheater, the sun had returned.

The on-again, off-again precipitation continued through the day; we even experienced hail at one point!  Yet, I can say that God is good!  Time after time, the rain would begin just after we slid into the car.

God continually blessed us with great parking spaces, and we even received free admission to the Denver Art Museum.  I loved the Rembrandt exhibit!

Despite the unexpected weather, my friend and I agreed that we could not have asked for a better weekend.  Our flights were smooth, we encountered no traffic, we had wonderful conversation, we ate great food (we highly recommend  Sam’s No. 3!), we felt safe, and we didn’t stress. I can honestly say that our day in Denver was delightful.

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