Happy Places

Happy Places

Before my parents began the long drive from Massachusetts to North Carolina, they dropped me at the Boston airport so that I could fly to Michigan to visit my grandparents.  I only spent about 2 days with my grandparents, but we had a great time and made some memories.  Besides visiting my happy place (Windmill Island), we also stopped by one of my mom’s favorite locations, Big Red.

Although I have known for years that the town of Holland inspired L. Frank Baum to write the Wizard of Oz, I had never seen the mural of him at his home on Lake Macatawa.  We spotted the mural on accident, and it rekindled my love for Baum’s fantasy fiction.


For those of you who have followed any of my previous flying adventures, you know that I sometimes usually have issues returning to NC.  This trip did not disappoint.  Although I was supposed to fly from Grand Rapids to Greensboro through Chicago, I eventually accepted a a direct flight from Grand Rapids to Charlotte because the weather in Chicago caused several delays.  I arrived in NC about 12 hours later than I had planned, but God’s protection and provision were evident through the ordeal!



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