Simple Joy Saturday #51

Simple Joy Saturday #51

In 2019, I am posting a roundup of “simple joys” on the last Saturday of every month. Feel free to share your own simple joys in the comments!


February 2019

Enjoyable Reads:

I kindly ask you to click the link above and review the flowchart at the beginning of the post.  It may change your life.

  • The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

I continued reading (or, more accurately, listening to) books on the 100 Books Bucket List.  Out of the 5 books I completed in February, The Time Machine is the only book that I can recommend.


Forgive me for including two grammar-related resources, but if you consider yourself a snoot (syntax nudnik of our time), you will love Garner’s hefty handbook, which cheekily explains every grammar error you could ever encounter.

Enjoyable Eats:

For an unknown reason, I ate an abundance of Asian food this month.  Here are my top 3 recommendations:

Dried mango from the Philippines
17. Q is for…quality (“export quality” from the Philippines)

Enjoyable Tunes:

“You could just be silent and leave us here to die.
Still, You sent Your Son for us.
You are on our side.”

“Every step I take
Is worth the pain
Just to hear You say, ‘Well done'”

“It’s only by God’s grace I’m standing here today.”

Enjoyable Days:

1. I will never complain about unusual 80-degree weather in February.  In the words of Matthew West, “Come February, I’m ready for summer.  The Superbowl’s over, and I’ll settle for spring.”

God's Acre in Old Salem, NC
7. G is for…God’s Acre

2. I also won’t complain about the rainy, cold days–especially if I spend them hiking with my cousin.  We walked incredibly close to this heron before it took flight.

Heron flying over lake at Dan Nicolas Park
10. J is for…jump (I am sure this bird jumped before it flew)

3. And I will never ever complain about seeing my parents after they’ve spent 10 days overseas.


2 thoughts on “Simple Joy Saturday #51

  1. Just dropping by and glad you are encouraging folk to share their simple joys monthly.
    My simple joy most days is going out to visit my chickens (I just started raising them last year), feeding them, and thanking them whenever they deign to lay eggs for me. Well, today no eggs, not yet, but it is only early morning… Oh, I said most mornings… When it is about 7 degrees F or less, I’m not really feelin’ the joy! Today was 14 F — I can deal, and I got to bond a bit with Celeste, my favorite hen.

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