February Photo Challenge 2019

February Photo Challenge 2019

In December, I had the passing notion to take a photo every day in 2019 and post the photos to my blog.  I had seen other bloggers do this, so I found a list of 365 photo prompts, and I halfheartedly decided that I would try to take a picture every day in January.  To my surprise, I succeeded, and since I was already 1/12 of the way done with my unintentional 365-day photo challenge, I figured I might as well continue.

I feel the need to apologize for the plethora of Old Salem photos you will see this year (nearly 36% of the photos that I am sharing this month were taken in Old Salem).  My only hope is that all the pictures of handcarts, colorful doors, and archaic signage will make you love Old Salem as much as I do.

But I won’t apologize that four of the photos this month contain chocolate.  February is, after all, National Chocolate Lover’s Month.

P.S. – I am cohosting Fiesta Friday this week with Laurena @ Life Diet Health.  Head over to Angie’s blog to see a multitude of delicious recipes.

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