30 before 30: Four-Year Update

30 before 30: Four-Year Update

Before I begin, allow me to express my shock that I am twenty-four years old!  I feel old…but also young…sort of rickety…but also fresh… Can anyone relate?

Anyway…you’re here to read about the exciting things I did this year.  Here you go:


9.  I have surpassed my original goal of visiting 25 states.  In fact, I have thought about amending this goal and trying to visit all 48 continental states.  Should I aim high?

States visited map

10.  I moved into my first apartment in June 2018.

12.  I technically started my job when I was 22, but last year I wasn’t confident enough to cross goal 12 off my list.  After 18 months of employment, I think I can call this job “steady.”

25.  I tried (and completely failed) to grow poppies this year.  We will see if I have better luck in the future.


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