Two Roads Diverged

Two Roads Diverged


It’s providential that I came to a personal crossroads at the same time that I am studying Robert Frost for grad school.  “The Road Not Taken” has a new meaning when you are the person choosing between “the first” road and “the one less traveled by.”

Like the speaker in “The Road Not Taken,” I stand before two roads that are equally appealing, and I am “sorry I [can]not travel both.”  Unlike the traveler in the poem, my roads don’t wait patiently “in a yellow wood.”  My two roads seem to sprout from a fast-moving highway that demands a quick decision.

Two roads diverged from the speeding highway,
And I, one traveler desiring to two journeys,
Struggled behind the wheel and swerved — swerved
Towards what each might bring — the joys and worries.

I start veering towards the exit, certain that it is the ideal route.  But then I glimpse the road that I originally planned, and I swerve back.  If I keep this up, I am going to get whiplash.

I’ve never been great at making decisions, and this one is no exception.  I reflect,  I contemplate, I pray, but I don’t decide easily.  And while I still believe that God’s will is not a prescribed path, I do worry that I may make a bad choice.

Yet, like the traveler in the poem, I know that either choice could be equally good.  Each road will have struggles.  Each road will have happiness.  Ultimately, each road is an opportunity to grow closer to my Savior.

For now, I continue to pray and ponder, knowing that my fast-moving car will soon move past the Y, and I will be on one road or the other.




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