America’s Shopping Mall

America’s Shopping Mall

Work met play this week . . . sort of.  I attended a conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota, so of course I had to visit the Mall of America.


Because I didn’t rent a car for this trip, I rode the metro from the airport to the mall.  For $13, I rented a “jumbo locker” under the ferris wheel for my suitcase and schoolbag–this was possibly the best purchase I made all day!


My plan of attack was simple: walk the entire third floor in a circle, walk the entire second floor in a circle, walk around the ground floor in a circle, and end in Nickelodeon Universe.

I ate lunch at Earth Burger, only because I wanted to try jackfruit.  My opinion is that, yes, jackfruit is the texture of shredded meat.  And yes, the sandwich tastes just like barbecue (barbecue sauce tends to do that).  But no, it did not convince me that I like barbecue.  The server deserves an shout out, though, because he gave me 5 napkins without my having to ask.  I used every single one.


The stores in the mall are nothing special; the main attraction is Nickelodeon Universe. I’m not quite sure how they fit so many rides and games into the center of a mall, but if you look at the pictures, you’ll see that everything is pretty tight. If I had wanted, I probably could have jumped up and touched a roller coaster.

Nonetheless, the mall was family-friendly, and I enjoyed my visit.  If you ever find yourself in the Twin Cities, be sure to visit the Mall of America.



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