Simple Joy Saturday #58

Simple Joy Saturday #58

In 2019, I am posting a roundup of “simple joys” on the last Saturday of every month. Feel free to share your own simple joys in the comments!


Enjoyable Reads

  1. Everyone should read Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate. Upper-elementary students should read this book.  Teenagers should read this book.  Adults should read this book.  You should read this book.
  2. And after you finish Home of the Brave, you should read Extra Credit by Andrew Clements because sometimes children’s books can speak more truth than adult books.
  3. But if you must read an adult book, I suggest Rise of the Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt.  It gave me a new fascination with the vastness and complexity of outer space. . . and a new appreciation for computers.

Enjoyable Tunes

Jeremy Camp released a new CD this month, and I couldn’t choose 1 favorite song, so here are 3.

1. “It Should’ve’ Been Me”

“It should’ve been me with arms open;
It should’ve been me that was torn.”

2. “Only You Can”

There’s no one else who can save my soul;
Only You can.”

3. “Father”

“I was born broken so You can make me whole.
I’ll bring my dirt and let You wash over me like water.”

Enjoyable Days

I spent a day in Elkin with my best friend (2 days before she moved to England), and I left so encouraged about what God is doing in her life and how He is working in mine.

I’ve been loving the sunrise and sunsets this month (just wait until you see all the golden photos that I’ve taken).  Last weekend, I got up early to watch the sun rise over Pilot Mountain.  Capturing this picture brought me joy.

What were your simple joys this month?


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