Before I’m Thirty

Join me on my adventures!


 Started: March 20, 2015
Completed: ________

Before I am thirty, I will…

1.  graduate undergrad.

2. sleep under the stars.

3. visit Europe, Africa, or Asia.

4. own a smart phone.

5. be the official photographer at a wedding.

6. throw a party.

7. own my first car.

8. gain retail experience.

9. step foot in twenty-five states.

10. live on my own (the dorms don’t count!).

11. swim in the Pacific Ocean.

12. find a full-time, steady job that I love.

13. run in the Color Run.

14. distribute lunches to the homeless.

15. read Grapes of Wrath.

16. eat with a complete stranger at a restaurant.

17. lead someone to Christ.

18. use a pottery wheel.

19. enter an art show.

20. visit the Land of Oz in Beech Mountain, NC.

21.  read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

22. watch Titanic.

23. work or volunteer at a summer camp.

24. shop in an American Girl store.

25. successfully plant and grow something.

26. eat food from a food truck or street vendor.

27.  play messy Twister.

28. quit biting my fingernails.

29.  eat sushi.

30.  write a letter to myself…and wait ten years to open it.

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