Simple Joy Saturday #44

Simple Joy Saturday #44

On Saturdays, I share three simple things that brought me happiness during the week.  These posts may grow or change as time passes.  Please feel free to share your own simple joys in the comments section!

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It’s been a while since I shared my weekly joys, not because my life has lacked joy but because my life has lacked time.

October 13-19, 2018

1. Electricity

Hurricane Michael stole the electricity at my apartment on Thursday, October 11 at 5:00pm.  After watching the Duke Energy website all day at work on Friday, I decided to stay with my parents until electricity was restored.  I finally regained power on Sunday after 4:00 pm.

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30 Before 30: Year Two

30 Before 30: Year Two

It has been two years since I turned 20 and started completing my 30 before 30 list.  Here is what I have completed this year (to see everything I have finished, go to the 30 before 30 page.

  • Travel to Africa, Europe, or Asia


  • Step foot in 25 states


  • Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation


  • Play Messy Twister


In total, I have finished 11 of my 30 goals; I am on track to finish all of them before I turn thirty!

30 before 30: Color Run

30 before 30: Color Run


When I began compiling my 30 before 30 list back in the fall, the Color Run was one of the first activities I added.  I love to run, and I love bright colors, so why not enjoy the two together?  Last month, my brother invited me to join his Color Run team, and I jumped at the chance was initially excited…until I saw the entrance fee.  Ultimately, though, I could not pass up the opportunity to begin whittling down my goals the day after my birthday.  So, I bit the bullet, pulled out my debit card (telling myself that it would count as a self-given birthday present), and prepared for race day.


With the wintry weather and my work hours, I was not able to “train” for the run.  Thankfully, the Color Run is completely casual–no time clocks, no winner, no prizes.


Seven thousand people (and a few animals) participated in the Color Run today.  I ran with the second group and finished before the last group even had a chance to start.


This was truly the happiest 3.1 miles I had ever run.  With each spray of color, I grinned bigger (which led to a few mouthfuls of colored corn starch).


Although I will probably be wiping yellow dust out of my left ear until 2016, I have no regrets!

Shine on!


Thirty by Thirty

Thirty by Thirty


Happy Birthday to me!

I don’t know why, but I have been dreading this birthday.  Something about turning 20 just makes me feel, well, old.  I have two decades behind me. I am officially old, y’all.

I can hear you mocking me already.  I know that twenty is technically young.  Statistically, I still have over 50 years to live.  I just feel old.  Or maybe it’s that I feel too young to be old.

When I stumbled upon Ceara’s page titled “Thirty before Thirty,” I made a shocking realization:  I will be thirty one day!  I guess I always knew that fact, but it had never occurred to me that I would eventually grow up.  Sometimes I still think I am only fourteen years old.

There is a lot I want to do before I turn thirty.  So, taking Ceara’s lead, I have composed a list of thirty things to do before I turn thirty.  Some goals are highly attainable; others will require dedication, perseverance, money, and patience.  I look forward to whittling down this list before 2025.

I have posted a new page to keep track of my progress.  Let’s see if I can knock all of these out!  Any that you want to help me with?