The Best “Lazy” Turtles

The Best “Lazy” Turtles

April is National BLT Month

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I know what you are thinking to yourself.  You are thinking, “Self, April is national BLT month, and that is not a BLT.”

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2 Miles in My Flip-Flops


It’s a hot, lazy Saturday in rural North Carolina.  Slipping into a worn pair of flip-flops and grabbing my camera, I head out to enjoy the blazing sunshine.  It is a solitary stroll, but I am not alone.  While women rock on front porches, fathers play catch with their sons.  Teenage boys, still high with World Cup fever, dribble worn balls.  Power tools buzz as men work in their out buildings.  Insects hover in clouds around my head.

Two miles pass.  By the end, my feet are rubbed raw under rubber straps and my memory card has dozens of extra pictures.  I love these lazy days of summer.