T3: What My Hair Is Trying To Tell You

T3: What My Hair Is Trying To Tell You

Supposedly #longhairdontcare

But, as someone with long hair, I can assure you that long hair does care.  Long hair cares a lot, and long hair takes vengeance on its owner.  Long hair can divulge the emotions and activities of its owner.  For example:

1. Here, my hair is telling you that I just ran several miles on a chilly, windy day.  My hair cared, so it became a giant mess as it bounced across my hood until it was in an unmanageable knot.

2. In this photo, my hair is saying that it is Friday, and I was too lazy to even put a clip in my hair.  And it was saying that I was in DESPERATE need of a trim.20170113_065942

3.On Saturday, my hair says that I slept in and went for a morning swim.  Since my hair does not like the blow dryer, it chooses to go to lunch while it is still wet.


4.  My hair is a little more respectful on Sunday.  It says, “Kat almost has her life put together.  Almost.”


5.  “Why?  Why did you leave the room?”  That is what my hair asks on snow days.


6. When there is a clip on the right side of my head, my hair is simply saying that it is a normal day in the life of Kat.


7. Braids announce one of two things:

  • option 1:  I feel youthful.
  • option 2: I didn’t wash my hair last night.  (always assume the former)


8. A clip with a twist means that it is a normal day, but I am feeling a bit fancy.


9. A full-length braid says, “Kat actually woke up with enough time to do something to her hair today.”


10. A top-bun says that I really like the back of the shirt I am wearing.


And in this picture, my hair is praising me for finally, FINALLY getting the trim I needed:


Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship

Dear Hair,

It’s never easy to call off a relationship that has been together as long as we have, but some struggles are inevitable.  You see, it’s not me; it’s you.  You weigh me down.  You get in my way.  You are needy.  You have become my identity.  I need some time away from you, some freedom.  I hope you don’t take this too hard.  We’ve had a good run.  Some other girl will love you just as much as I used to.



Top Ten Tuesday: Long Hair

Top Ten Tuesday: Long Hair

Top Ten Things People with Extremely Long Hair Hear Way Too Often:

1. Have you ever cut it?

Yes.  Otherwise it would be all the way to my ankles and have split ends deader than Moses.

2. I just found one of your hairs.

That’s great and very likely because…yes, I shed like a dog; and, yes, I am the only one around with hair that long.  But, please, don’t post about it on Facebook (and, yes, people have actually posted on Facebook about finding my hair. Ew!)

3. You should donate it.

I agree that that is a great idea–if I wanted to cut it, but I don’t.  And so you know, I have donated it before.

4. You would look so cute with a bob / pixie cut.

Thank you.  I will take that into consideration…but I won’t have hair that short any time soon.

5. Why is it so long?

Because I like it.

6. Don’t you ever just get tired of it?

Nope.  Not really.

7. Are you allowed to get it cut?

Yes.  First of all, I am an adult.  Secondly, I have cut it many times.  I just like it long!

8.  When are you going to get it cut again?

When I want to.  That’s the honest truth.  I will cut it when I am ready!

9.  Does it give you headaches?

No.  It all comes down to what you get used to!

10. How do you wash it?

With shampoo and water.  I honestly do nothing special to my hair.  I don’t even straighten, blow dry, or treat it in any way.