DIY Valentine’s Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Wreath

I went to three Dollar Trees in one day to find the supplies for a specific craft.ย  When I couldn’t locate a specific component, I made this wreath instead.


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DIY Headband Holder

DIY Headband Holder


While looking for images to use in another post, I came across a few step-by-step pictures from when I made a headband holder for my dorm room.  I am a hair-accessory-lover, and this simple hanger has kept my headbands in line for the past two years.  With just a few quick stitches (and even less if you use grosgrain ribbon instead of a fabric scrap), you can have your own headband organizer!



  • fabric scrap cut 2 inches by 30 inches (or a 30-inch strip of ribbon)
  • coordinating thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors


If you are using ribbon, skip to step 3.

1. Place the fabric horizontal in front of you.  Starting at one end, fold the two long sides in so that they slightly overlap.  Pin the sides in place.

headband1 headband2 headband3

2. Run the entire piece of fabric long-ways through the sewing machine to make a long strip, removing pins as you go. 


3.  Fold the strip in half by placing the two ends together.  (Sadly, this is where my pictures end!)

4. Sew a short, straight stitch across the folded strip every 2-3 inches.

5.  Hang and slide headbands into slots.