Wait and See

Wait and See

Miss Shoaf, Will we use the Chromebooks in Science today?

Miss Shoaf, How many chapters of Holes will we read this afternoon?

Miss Shoaf, When will you grade our tests?

Miss Shoaf, Who gets to be the Math Magician today?

Miss Shoaf, Can I solve number 3 on the board?

Miss Shoaf, Will we have a substitute in P.E. next week?


My answer to all of these questions is the same:  we will have to wait and see.

The constant barrage of questions I get as a student teacher can be annoying if not overwhelming.  Yet, I sit on the floor of my dorm room tonight, and I exhale my relentless questions to God.

  • Will I pass student teaching?
  • What will I do after I graduate?
  • Should I pursue Option X?
  • Why am I even a student teacher in the first place?
  • What is the purpose of all of this?

Just Wait and See

Suddenly, those words that I say to my students without a second thought are the worst words in the world.


I don’t want to wait.  I want to know now!  Yet, I must trust that God has my best interest in mind, just as I seek the good of my students.  As hard as it is, I know that God wants me to learn and grow.  He knows that I don’t need to know yet.

And so I wait. Very impatiently.

Kaleidoscope Lives: Dorcas {Faithful Flax}

Kaleidoscope Lives: Dorcas {Faithful Flax}


Transacting the Proselyte


Generous, Sick

Giving, Aiding, Dying

God honored her service

Awakening, Living, Proclaiming

Resurrected, Beloved



The widows of Joppa huddled together in the attic, crying and wiping their tears. They could not believe that Dorcas, their beloved sister in Christ, was dead. Each of them clutched a blanket that Dorcas had hand-woven for them and recalled fond memories of Dorcas’ service to the Lord.

“Remember when the man arrived at midnight from Antioch,” asked one widow, “and he had not eaten in three days?”

“Yes! And Dorcas made bread in the middle of the night! The whole town awoke to a wonderful smell.”

“Oh! How I miss her!”

From outside, the women heard three male voices chatting heartily.  The widows quickly grew excited.  “It’s the messengers! They have brought Peter!” Sure enough, the door opened to reveal two Joppa natives and the impulsive apostle Peter.

The women rushed to Peter’s side. “Peter!” they proclaimed, “Dorcas was such a gracious woman. She served the Lord faithfully and generously. She made us coats and blankets. She welcomed strangers into her home and helped the elders with church, but now she is dead!”

Peter did not even appear worried. He asked them all to leave the room and knelt beside Dorcas’ lifeless body. After a short prayer, he calmly said, “Dorcas, arise.” Miraculously, Dorcas’ eyes opened and she sat up. Reaching for Peter’s hand, she stood and walked with him to where her friends were waiting.

The widows were astonished to see their fellow-worker alive again, and news of her revival quickly spread throughout the town.

God honored Dorcas’s service by adding years to her life. Just like Dorcas, he requires all women to be humble, hospitable, and serving Him (I Tim. 5:10).