July Photo Challenge 2019

July Photo Challenge 2019

I am successfully past the half-way point of this 365-day photo challenge, and I am somewhat embarrassed by the lack of variety this month.  At first, I thought that the pictures were too random–you are about to see everything from the Winston skyline to watercolor jellyfish.  Then I realized that there are 2 pictures of soccer fields, 2 pictures of desserts, 2 pictures of an insect on a flower, 3 pictures of American flags, and 4 pictures containing water (not including the watercolor jellyfish).

But these photos tell the story of July pretty well.  I’m not too upset about the redundancy.



I used to claim that I was afraid of birds.  Wings and the beaks make birds completely unpredictable—you never know when those feathered appendages will flap.  The problem with my claiming this fear, however, is that ducks are my favorite animal (and flamingos are probably my third favorite animal, following after jellyfish).

While on a family trip in Sarasota, I realized another flaw in claiming this fear:  I photograph birds a lot (here’s evidence from Arizona, Michigan, and my own backyard).  In fact, I let a snowy egret wander within 3  yards of me so that I could get a good picture.  I guess I will have to find a new fear.


June Photo Challenge 2019

June Photo Challenge 2019

I’ve officially reached the halfway point of this year-long challenge.  Every month, I end up posting a few photos that I really like, a few that are acceptable, and a lot that I hate.  I’ll let you decide which are which.

Six months down.  Six months to go.

Mosquit-OH MY!

Mosquit-OH MY!

For ten hours on Monday, I drove south at 80 mph in the company car.  I am attending a student retention conference this week, and my goal was to reach the hotel before dinner.


About halfway to my destination, I stopped at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge to snap some nature photos and stretch my legs.  As soon as I exited the car, 1000 mosquitoes attacked me.  I ran in circles while swatting them (killing about 10 mosquitoes per swat) until I could safely return to my car.


I didn’t try to leave the car again for three hours.

Sorry there aren’t more photos of the nature preserve, but I like my blood to stay in my body.



“And the mountains sing your glory hallelujah.

The canyons echo sweet amazing grace. 

My spirit sails. The mighty gales are bellowing Your name. 

And I’ve got nothing to say.” – Andrew Peterson

These are the lyrics that my spirit sang for 12 hours on Tuesday as we toured the Grand Canyon. I do not believe that “grand” is a strong enough word to describe the immense chasm. As we strolled along the rim, I gaped at the width, the depth, the breadth of this rugged landscape, and I marveled at a God Who is greater yet. The captivating canyon is a testament to God’s grandeur.

Scientists claim that the persistent Colorado River slowly carved that massive canyon. At the grueling rate of 1/2 millimeter per year, the canyon plunged 1 mile deep. Supposedly. It is of course equally plausible that an overwhelming flood aggressively deposited and removed layers of sedimentary rock. The second theory also solves several geological mysteries, but I do not intend to disprove evolution with this post.

Truly, I was amazed by the grandness of my Creator. The canyon covers 1 million acres in northern Arizona, but God is omnipresent. Although the walls are 1 mile deep, God’s love is deeper still. As the sun roams across the sky and settles for the night, the rocks shimmer in a kaleidoscope of hues painted by God .

The Grand Canyon (like all of creation) exists to glorify God, and that is exactly what it does.

Top Ten Tuesday: Spring Flowers

Top Ten Tuesday: Spring Flowers

Spring is my favorite season for many reasons, one of which is the gorgeous flowers that show God’s creative hand.  Each flower is unique, yet each is beautiful.  They do not work hard to gain this beauty; it is all simple and natural.

Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

–Luke 12:27

Ten Prettiest Flowers

1. Sunflowers


2. Orchids


3. Tulips


4. Dogwood


5. Gerber daisy


6. Dandelion


7. Tiger and Day lilies27 - New

8. Daffodil


9. Cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom

10. Wild roses

6 - Look Up