Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come

Christy is a teacher-trainer for the Baptist schools in Togo.  Every week, nearly a hundred children pile into her yard to sing, play, and learn about Jesus.


Top Ten Tuesday: Educational Games for Middle Schoolers

Top Ten Tuesday: Educational Games for Middle Schoolers

As an education major, some of our required assignments are nothing more than gathering materials to use in our classrooms.  In the present age, a list of web-based games is considered a necessary material.  Here are ten of my favorite games that I have found this year.


  • Analogies – Students must determine which word correctly completes the analogies.  Words will only appear twice, so they need to think quickly!


  • Guess the HomonymSum Some students have a hard thyme time trying too two to determine the write right  homophone or distinguish between homonyms.  This game can help.



  • Food Chain Game – As students learn about all the components of a biome’s food web, this game can help them review and practice putting producers, consumers, and decomposers in order.


  • Photosynthesis Respiration Game – This game leads students step-by-step through the process of human cell respiration and plant cell photosynthesis.  Students must truly understand both concepts to successfully play the game.


Social Studies:


  • America on the Move – Perhaps the greatest evidence of our world’s advances is in the realm of transportation.  America on the Move provides three different games that help children learn about the history of transportation.



  • Fruit Shoot Fractions – This game, reminiscent of Fruit Ninja, requires students to “shoot” the answer to a fraction addition problem.  Because there are many levels, students of many different grades can play the game.

fruit shoot fraction game

  • Pre-Algebra Addition Shootout – Children who love soccer will enjoy choosing their goalkeeper, jersey color, an skill level before solving a variety of simple algebraic equations.

shootout equation game


  • Arthur’s Lunch-o-Matic – This tray needs some Vitamin A!  Students must choose the food that fits the cafeteria worker’s description.  The game will help children learn the benefits of eating a variety of foods.


  • Blast Off! – Children’s bodies are just like rocket ships–they need fuel!  In this game, students fill their plate with a wide variety of foods to get enough fuel for an active day.

blast off game


30 before 30: Color Run

30 before 30: Color Run


When I began compiling my 30 before 30 list back in the fall, the Color Run was one of the first activities I added.  I love to run, and I love bright colors, so why not enjoy the two together?  Last month, my brother invited me to join his Color Run team, and I jumped at the chance was initially excited…until I saw the entrance fee.  Ultimately, though, I could not pass up the opportunity to begin whittling down my goals the day after my birthday.  So, I bit the bullet, pulled out my debit card (telling myself that it would count as a self-given birthday present), and prepared for race day.


With the wintry weather and my work hours, I was not able to “train” for the run.  Thankfully, the Color Run is completely casual–no time clocks, no winner, no prizes.


Seven thousand people (and a few animals) participated in the Color Run today.  I ran with the second group and finished before the last group even had a chance to start.


This was truly the happiest 3.1 miles I had ever run.  With each spray of color, I grinned bigger (which led to a few mouthfuls of colored corn starch).


Although I will probably be wiping yellow dust out of my left ear until 2016, I have no regrets!

Shine on!


Top Ten Tuesday: Game Night

Top Ten Tuesday: Game Night


If you have ever played a game with me, you don’t need to read the next few sentences; you know how competitive I am. You know that I get testy and impatient. You know that my usually soft voice slowly rises. You know that I always play to dominate, not just win, the game.

During my month-long Christmas break, I have played many board games and card games with family, friends, and daycare students. Below are my favorite games from the past few weeks.

Ten Most Enjoyable Games I Have Played This Month

1. The Logo Game
2. Othello
3. Balderdash
4. Backgammon
5. Such and Such
6. Baloney
7. Apples to Apples
8. Mastermind
9. Bananagrams
10. Telestrations

Other games I played during Christmas break:

  • Checkers
  • Uno
  • Cribbage
  • Monopoly
  • Boggle
  • Yahtzee
The Lost Art of Play

The Lost Art of Play

23 - Childhood

I have always been a hoarder collector.  As a young child, I had a rock collection, a Hello Kitty collection, a Kelly Doll collection, a “nature” collection, a Beanie Babies collection…the list goes on.  One of may favorite collections, however, was my magnetic Polly Pocket town.  I had every piece of the set (except for the candy shop that the eBay seller failed to ship), and it was ubiquitously set up on a table in my bedroom. 

I remember asking my mom to play with me one afternoon.  “I’m not good at playing dolls,” she replied, but she sat down on the floor next to me and picked up a small, bendable girl.  At the time, I did not understand how someone could be bad at playing dolls.  It was a simple pleasure in my juvenile mind.  You simply selected a doll, named her, and pretended.

Tonight, a three-year-old girl asked me to play dolls with her.  I selected a baby, named her Katy, and pretended.  I now know what it is like to be bad at playing dolls.  My doll was too realistic.  She wanted food.  She wanted to sleep.  She cried for her mom.  The young girl I was playing with constantly corrected my “baby talk” and pretending skills. 

When did I forget how to play?  When did dolls change into objects instead of friends?

When did my day-dreams turn from make believe stories of princesses to mental to-do lists? 

When did I lose my ability to believe in the impossible?