Psalm 20:7

Psalm 20:7


Some boast in their…

     Aesthetic beauty,

     Charming demeanor,

     Exuberant friendships,

     Glowing health,

     Illustrious job,

     Kind lifestyle,

     Mighty nature,

     Obvious popularity,

     Quantitative riches,

     Scholarly teaching,

     Upcoming victories,

     Whimsical xenoglossy,

     Youthful zeal.

But I will boast in the Lord, my God.

The Morning of Christmas

The Morning of Christmas


‘Twas the first Christmas morning, and in Bethlehem’s town,

People were hurrying and scurrying around.

The Census had come. It was time to be counted–

That’s why everyone was scurrying about–and

Just down the road, below a crowded inn,

The animals had just watched a new life begin.

Inside their stable, there was a manger.

Inside of this trough, lay the new stranger.

Last night had been special.  The angels had sung.

The shepherds were fearful, but to town they had run.

They’d been to the stable.  They’d worshiped the King.

They gave what they had, though they had little to bring.

But now it was morning.  Did anyone care

About the Babe in the manger?  He was still lying there.

Maybe people were jostling for places in line

To make sure the census was counted in time.

Or maybe they were helping a harried spouse

Clean after the travelers who’d lodged in their house.

So they went through their day as if nothing was new,

As if they had something better to do.

But what could be better than time with the Child–

Our God born lowly, meek, and mild?

Now, on this Christmas, it’s time to believe

That Christ is the best gift we’ve ever received.

Prone to Wander, Lord I Feel it

Prone to Wander, Lord I Feel it



I wake up strong, victorious,

Ready to live for God.

But the day starts hard, laborious;

It’s an arduous path I trod.

I would never claim I don’t love Him.

I sing, “He’s my All in All,”

But I set my aims so wanton.

On Him I forget to call.

God, do not allow me to amble or roam.

Bind my feet to You.

My path is wayward.  Too often I’m prone

To strive for the world’s glossy view.

One person cannot have two adverse desires–

Help me to seek the elite.

My carnal heart wants to meddle with fire.

You must direct these feet.

Psalm 73

Psalm 73

Psalm 73
God is good to Israel and those of a pure soul,
But I was slipping, falling, and grasping for control.
I was jealous of the wicked because they have much wealth.
They are strong and prosperous–picturesque in health.
Other men are struggling, but the cruel have easy days.
They are clothed in haughty pride and violent in their ways.
They are full of lush sustenance; they have more than heart could wish.
Yet they take a wild, wicked breath and speak with brash pretense.
They mock Yahweh, scorn the Lord, and do so with no shame.
The treasure this wicked life bestows leads the righteous to seek the same.
The devout doubt God’s omniscience.  “Is there knowledge in the Most High?”
The evil ones are burgeoning; they are blessed when they lie.
I have lived faithful, pure, and right.  Did I shun the world in vain?
I execute the Lord’s commands, but my life is filled with pain.
Is it fault for me to claim that God broke His promise?
I do not understand His ways–forgive these words so honest.
But when I stood before the Lord, I grasped the villain’s fate.
He will cast them down to be destroyed and punish them for hate.
Suddenly their haughty laugh becomes a fearful plead.
When God inflicts His punishment, it is apt to fit the deed.
I beheld that God is just; I realized my own sin.
I was foolish, ignorant for not trusting God to win.
Nevertheless, God is with me.  He holds me in His palm.
Jehovah never fails me, and one day He’ll take me home.
I desire communion more than anything I see.
Health and wealth will vanish, but God will strengthen me.
Those far from God will perish; they have an aimless course.
But I will draw close to my Lord, and He will be my source.