Finding Rest

Finding Rest

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I slept for 8.5 hours the other night.  I know that *technically* this is what you are always supposed to do, but, for me, it’s pretty rare.

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Panting Physique, Calm Conscious

Panting Physique, Calm Conscious


Left. Right. Left. Right.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

The steady syncopation of my New Balance runners hitting concrete is the only thing I notice as I start my morning run.  The sun is still rising behind downtown towers, and the air is nippy, despite the forecast of a heated day.

Within a few blocks, my lungs are pulsing, desperately trying to take in enough oxygen to keep up with the frenzied pace my legs have set.  Meanwhile, my heart flutters like hummingbird wings.  Speed.  My body keeps accelerating.

Yet, my mind rests.  My sprinting body frees my mind of yesterday’s worries.  They are chasing me, but I am running too fast for them to catch up.  The steady beating of my feet numbs my mind.  Release.  My consciousness keeps lessening.

And then it’s over.  I have reached the end of my circuit.  Physically, I am back where I started.  Mentally, I am a new person.  Instead of pounding shoes, I hear chirping birds.  And then,