He Still Saves

He Still Saves


I’ve been “saved” since I was a small child.  Ever since one fateful night at the kitchen table, I have known that upon my death, I will spend eternity in Heaven.  Over the years, I subconsciously came to believe that because my salvation was complete, I didn’t need to hear the account of Christ’s sacrificial death.  I was saved from Hell, and that was enough.

But sometimes the battles of this early life are overwhelming.  The enemy’s attacks are ferocious and devastating.  That is when I must recall and claim the victory that Christ won when he rose from the dead.  I must “sing above the battle strife ‘Jesus saves.'”  He still saves.

Sometimes, Often, I don’t claim this victory.  I listen to the enemy’s lies and fall to his schemes.  I think that I must save myself from the trenches.  Before long, I am shadowed with a gloom of justice, and my heart craves mercy.  That mercy can only be found in Christ’s victory over the tomb.  Jesus still saves.

Yes, I only need to place my faith in Him one single time in order to be saved from eternal separation from God and damnation in Hell.  Nevertheless, I need daily faith in Jesus to face the struggles of the world.  I need a constant Friend and a daily Rescuer.

So give the winds a mighty voice…

Let the nations now rejoice…

Shout salvation full and free…

This our song of victory:

Jesus saves!

And He still saves.

When We All Get to Heaven

When We All Get to Heaven

On my first full day in Togo, I visited Adeta Church.  While the worship was not nearly as feisty as the worship at other Togolese churches that my friends visited, I observed women, men, and children alike in prayerful communication with God by way of song.  They sang from their souls, not their lips.

At the close of the service, the congregation sang these familiar words:

When we all get to Heaven,

What a day of rejoicing that will be.

When we all see Jesus,

We’ll sing and shout the victory.

There we stood, representing at least two nations and three languages.  Yet, we all worshiped the same God.  And when we all get to Heaven, we will lift one voice to praise Him eternally.

Top Ten Tuesday: Sing a Song

Top Ten Tuesday: Sing a Song


Some days just don’t go your way.  That is why I have compiled a list of my ten favorite songs for when I am sad, discouraged, or just in a bad mood.  Some are peppy and fun; others and thoughtful and melancholy.  All of them, however, speak great truths and have brought me encouragement on numerous occasions.

  1. Blue Skies, Point of Grace
  2. Feet of Jesus, Steven Curtis Chapman
  3. Questions for Heaven, Chris Rice
  4. The End, Matthew West
  5. Headphones, Britt Nicole
  6. Forgiveness, TobyMac
  7. Revolutionaries, Bethany Dillon
  8. What if I Stumble?, DC Talk
  9. Joy, Newsboys
  10. I’m Not Who I Was, Brandon Heath