WIAW: Stress Free Saturday

WIAW: Stress Free Saturday


Today for What I Eat Wednesday, I am showing pictures of my meals on Saturday.  I wrote the text Saturday morning, and I felt that it gave appropriate “spiritual food for thought” to pair with my comestible activity for the rest of the day.

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Breakfast: The best way to finish off a jar of peanut butter is to make oatmeal in a jar!  I added grapes to make it more like pb&j.


Be anxious for nothing -Philippians 4:6

I seem to quote that verse on a second by second basis, and yet I am so bad at obeying it.  I tend to do the opposite and worry about everything.

Mid-morning snack: vanilla yogurt with strawberries and mandarin oranges

Right now, it is 4:30 Saturday morning, and this is what I am thinking:

  • What if I got a failing grade on the speech I gave yesterday?
  • Will I have enough time to get this assignment done?
  • What will the cafeteria serve for lunch?
  • If I swim today, will it give my mind a rest or be too taxing on my muscles?
  • I told M and K that I would take date-iversary pictures of them this afternoon, but I don’t really know what they want or what their style is.
  • Did I drink enough water yesterday?
  • Should I make my WIAW post for Saturday or Monday?
  • Should I go to the elementary school on Monday to do some prep work for student teaching?
  • I wonder if I can pick up some extra hours at work this week.
  • Should I have bought a different type of cake mix to bake for the hall meeting on Tuesday?  
  • Will I pass my licensure tests next month? 
  • Am I prepared to student teach in January?
  • What am I going to do after graduation?
  • Am I worrying too much?

I am sure the list could go on for quite a while.

Lunch in the cafeteria: banana & peanut butter sandwich (toasted in the waffle iron because the panini press was gone), mixed vegetables, and cottage cheese with cranberries

Be anxious for nothing,

But in everything with prayer and supplication 

Let your requests be made known unto God. 

– Philippians 4:13

Snack while writing lesson plans: (an American classic) a hotdog and chips (I usually don’t have hotdogs in my room, but earlier this week, I really wanted a good hotdog.  Since I am picky about what counts as a “good hotdog,” I went to the store and bought a pack.)

I think my problem is that I never really make it past that first line of that verse.  I get so worried about not being anxious that I fail to realize that God does not leave me to find my own peace.

Supper in the cafeteria: penne pasta with chicken, vegetables, and alfredo sauce, and a bowl of cottage cheese

God wants me to bring my worries to Him in prayer with  thanksgiving.  He doesn’t expect me to mitigate my own fears.

Pre-Bible-Study-Snack: Peanut butter crackers…protecting the world from a hangry Kat.

…My peace do I leave with you. I do not give it as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled or afraid. 

– John 14:27

Snack at Bible Study: 3 Pumpkin Cheesecake bars made by our hostess (don’t you love our patriotic plates in the middle of Autumn? 🙂 )

So right now, I am bowing my head in prayer and dedicating myself to a stress-free Saturday.  I am going to fervently surrender to God’s grace.  Then I will crawl back into bed and rest in God’s peace, eager to embrace His mercies that are new every morning.

After-Bible-Study-Snack: Greek yogurt with peanut butter (I added about 4 oz. of peanut butter to this after taking the picture…I usually eat about 4 oz. of peanut butter a night).

Did I spend Saturday completely stress- and worry-free?  No.  Nonetheless, typing that post did help me put my anxiety into perspective.  I must daily hold my life up to the light of eternity and surrender my struggles to God.

Thanks Jenn (Peas and Crayons), Laura (sprint2thetable), Arman (thebigmansworld) and Meghan (cleaneatsfastfeets).

Top Ten Tuesday: Fatal Finals

Top Ten Tuesday: Fatal Finals


Final exams start today, and you know what that means.  The entire college is in a state of mental disrepair.  Food is flying through the cafeteria, pens have been gnawed to a ghastly state, and dorm room lights have not been turned off in quite a while.  If you find yourself falling into a study-coma, take five and choose an activity from my stress-relieving list below.

Top 10 Ways to Relieve Stress During Exam Week

1. Blow a dandelion wish.

Grab a weed and blow your cares away.  It may seem silly, but I believe in the power of occasionally acting like a five-year-old.

2. Play a board game.

Your friends are probably feeling a lot like you are, so let them join in your stress relief.  Snag the playing cards out of your sock drawer and challenge them to a quick game of Spoons.  In addition to letting your mind rest, you will get to make some last-minute memories before going home for summer.

3. Go for a run.

There is nothing–NOTHING–more therapeutic than a solitary jog on a sunny day.  Lace up those neglected sneakers and absorb some Vitamin D.

4. Take a nap.

Studies show that a power nap can enhance cognition, revive energy, and spark creativity.  Follow these tips to make the most of your Z’s.

5. Eat a snack.

Your brain needs food!  To boost energy and satisfy your stomach, snitch some fruit, whole grains, nuts, or raw veggies.  If you have time, whip out a batch of my apple granola–it has peanut butter, apples, and oatmeal to keep you feeling full.

6. Call someone back home.

Your parents and friends miss you as much as you miss them.  Don’t forget about them during this stressful week.

7. Watch a YouTube video.

LAUGH!  It is impossible to be belly-laughing and stressing at the same time, so pull up a classic clip or laughable parody and crack a smile.

8. Dream about summer.

Perhaps the lovable snowman Olaf on Frozen said it best: “When life gets rough, I like to hold on to my dream of relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam.”

9. Browse your favorite online store.

Even as a “broke college student” it is fun to peruse the endless online mall of clothes, electronics, and shoes–just don’t buy too much! 🙂

10. Go for a prayer walk.

This is a command.  Do it right now!  Spend five minutes alone with your Savior “casting all your care upon Him because He cares for You.” (I Peter 5:7)