One Man’s Trash

One Man’s Trash

Yesterday (Wednesday), one of my favorite things happened.  Actually, a lot of my favorite things happened.  Let’s rehash:

  • It was SEVENTY degrees!!  After two weeks of snowy, rainy weather, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! (Today is supposed to be rainy and in the low-thirties again :/ ).
  • With the warm weather, Old Salem was repopulated and bustling during my run.  I like it when there are a lot of shoppers milling around.  It means I can people-watch while I run.
  • I took pictures at Graylyn Estate (Be watching – I plan to post them later this week).
  • I went thrift shopping and found some bargains.

On my thrift trip, I decided to brave the Goodwill Outlet.  If you have never been to one of these stores, please watch this video.

Basically, the outlet store consists of extensive lines of bins full of another person’s trash (versus the Goodwill Retail center that sets the trash on shelves or hangs it from racks).  You dig through the bin, find your treasure in the trash, and pay $1.25 per pound.  The first time I walked into the outlet store, I immediately turned around and walked out; it was just too dirty and crazy for me to handle!  Thankfully, yesterday’s trip was on a weekday morning at 8:15; the store was nowhere near as hectic as in that video (the narrator is right, though; it gets crazy).

The shopping started out pretty boring with two tee shirts.  Nothing special.


My third find was a little better – a Lilly Pulitzer belt.  If I had bought this new, it would have easily cost over $40.


The real gem of the trip was my last find.  Check it out:


That’s right! A genuine Coach handbag!  I would have to guess that the original retail price was well over $200.  Now, I had to admit that it had seen better days.  It was undeniably dirty, but there was very little wear on it.  I figured that some TLC could quickly make it usable.  Simply cleaning out the pockets, washing it in cold water three times, and letting it dry made a world of difference.  I cannot wait to use it!

Oh! And I didn’t tell you how much it cost.  My entire purchase – two shirts, a belt, and the purse – came to a grand total of….

$2.14!! What a steal!

Have you ever shopped at the Goodwill Outlet?  What’s your opinion?


Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday


I didn’t have to be at work until after 9 o’clock this morning, so I decided to take advantage of the extra time with an early morning run to Goodwill.  Personally, weekday mornings are the best time to hit thrift shops.  This is when you find fresh items, and you do not have to fight the crowds.

Today was a high-scoring day (I probably could have blown my whole paycheck, but I have decent self-control).  The racks were full of awesome shoes, and there were a plethora in my size.  Don’t worry; I reined myself in.  I only bought 2 pairs–lightly used running shoes (my old New Balances are pretty beat) and a pair of Charlotte Russe peep toe pumps.  The grand total? $8!!

The real steal of the day was left on the rack, however.  Right there, amidst the 1990s chunky sneakers and beat up flip-flops, was a pair of Coach sneakers.  I almost fainted.  They fit! They matched the outfit I wore today!  They were only $7!  I was in heaven…until I further inspected them.  They were pretty beat-up.  The soles were raw, and the stitching was frayed.  I put them back, reluctantly.  I don’t know which is the greater crime:  the fact that Coach shoes were only $7 or the fact that I didn’t buy them.