Top Ten Tuesday: Seeing the States

Top Ten Tuesday: Seeing the States


I love to travel.  Love might be an understatement.  Seeing new places, learning history, experiencing new cultures, and eating new foods bring me joy.  Just this year, I have been to four states which I had never before visited, but there are still many states that I have yet to see.

Top 10 states I want to visit but haven’t (and what I would do there)

1. Alaska

I would have to go in the summer, and I would only stay a day or two—just long enough to say I had visited, see a moose, and take some photos of Mt. McKinley.

2. Hawaii

Swim, read, run, eat fresh fruit. If the state wasn’t notorious for being an expensive place to live, I would consider moving there. On a short visit, I would also be sure to visit some volcanoes and Pearl Harbor.  Warm weather, beaches, mountains, that’s the life.

3. Texas

I have not had many opportunities to go horseback riding, but I would love to gallop across the plains of Texas. Of course, I would have to visit The Alamo as well.  They say everything is bigger in Texas. I wonder how big a bowl of oatmeal is out there.

4. Massachusetts

“The British are coming! The British are coming!” The educational benefits of visiting Boston would be incredible! And when I go, I will get lobster bisque. I absolutely love lobster bisque.

5. New York

My memory cards wouldn’t make it through a trip to New York City. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Central Park would be my first stops. I would love to see Wicked on Broadway as well. Then I might shop at Macy’s and Mood. I would eat a bagel. Head back to Broadway for The Lion King and Mary Poppins. I usually don’t enjoy art museums, but I would visit MOMA. If it was winter, I would ice skate. And some more shopping wouldn’t hurt. Maybe it’s my debit card that wouldn’t make it through a trip to the Big Apple…

6.  Maine

Considering my major dislike of cold weather and fishing, I’m not quite sure why I want to go to Maine. I do know that my camera would be slung around my neck, though. I love the Maine lighthouse pictures that you always see in calendars.

7. New Jersey

There would be nothing educational about a trip to New Jersey. I would go to theme parks and the beach.

8. California

Depending on how you measure it, I may or may not have already visited California.  This summer, I flew into San Diego on my way from New Mexico to Arizona (aren’t airline patterns strange?).  I had a generous layover, so I left the airport for about 60 seconds, took a few pictures, and headed back to catch my flight.  Now I must go back and see the national forests, beaches, and Hollywood.

9. Montana

Glacier National Park.  Enough said.

10. Kansas

I would be such a tourist if I ever visited Kansas.  I would see everything Wizard of Oz themed that the state has to offer.


Have you ever been to any of these places?  What parts of our nation do you want to explore?

Top Ten Tuesday: America the Beautiful

Top Ten Tuesday: America the Beautiful


Happy Independence Month!

The first week of July is a great time to be American.  History buffs study our forefathers.  Workers get a vacation.  Foodies eat.  Partiers enjoy the festivities.  Photographers capture the memories.  Children are mesmerized by the fireworks.  Year-round, but this week especially, we all reap the benefits of generations selfless men and women pouring their lives into keeping our nation free.  Soldiers give their lives to protect us.  Politicians dedicate their work to what is best for the country.  We have many reasons to celebrate and be thankful.

I love living in one of the original 13 colonies, and I wish that I had been to all of them.  One of these days, I will make it to all fifty states, but for now I will settle for enjoying life right where I am.

Top Ten Prettiest Places in North Carolina

1. Ocracoke Island

2. Linville Falls

3. Biltmore Estates

4. Hanging Rock

5 Pilot Mountain

6. Cape Hatteras

7. Mt. Mitchell

8.  Old Salem

9. Stone Mountain

10. Doughton Park


What do you love about your state?